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We support lifelong learning and invest in the training of our staff and grower partners. Our Avocademy® and eLearning programmes are innovative initiatives to support this vision.

Avocademy® focuses on the vital aspects of avocado farming. Our eLearning Avocademy® platform is available for grower partners to access to assist with the training of farm supervisors and managers.


Our online eLearning courses are designed to provide students with a flexible learning environment to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge of key avocado production practices. These 6-week courses are open to Hall’s employees and Hall's grower partners at a cost of R2,500 per course.

There are no formal entry requirements although students must have basic proficiency in English (reading and writing), access to a computer, smartphone and the internet and a basic proficiency in computer literacy and Microsoft Word. For non-English speakers, it is advisable to work alongside a mentor to support and guide the learning process.

This course consists of four sections: The Scouting Process, Avocado Insect Pests and Natural Predators, Avocado Diseases and Avocado Disorders.

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This course consists of two sections: Avocado Fruit Maturity and Preharvest Practices and Guidelines for the Harvesting of Avocado Fruit.


This course consists of four sections: The Cultivation Requirements of Avocado, Avocado Rootstocks and Cultivars, Site Selection and Land Preparation and Best Practices for Planting an Avocado Tree (including post planting care).

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For more information, please contact us by sending an email to:

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