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Once one of the largest citrus estates, Halls understands what the production of quality citrus requires.


Bursting with flavour and filled with nutrients, Halls citrus compliments our sub-tropical fresh produce range.

Halls provides a regular supply of citrus throughout Europe.


Our experienced and passionate staff are custodians of all fruit that passes through our value chain. Extra care ensures you get high-quality fresh produce when you buy citrus from Halls.


The Halls range of easy peelers includes Clementine, Or and Orri in sizes 1XX, 1X and 2. We secure supply from our grower partners in the key seasons. Fruits are available in the original carton (7kg or 10.5kg) and our Halls Gyrsac.


Shipped by sea and air, we package our lime in many ways, including 4kg and 4.5kg cartons, Halls Gyrsac as well as 500g nets.


Our grower partners in South Africa pack under the Halls brand. We distribute fruit to customers throughout Europe from May to October.


We source grapefruit from only the best fresh produce suppliers in South Africa, Israel and Cyprus.

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