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Be AVOconscious. When you choose Halls, you are choosing an ethically grown, tasty and nutritious avocado. 


As avocado specialists with a history of sustainable farming - Halls delivers the best quality, fresh avocado worldwide.


Halls offers a year-round avocado fruit supply in eight varieties sourced from our farms and selected global grower partners.

Only the best. Sustainably produced. 


We were the first avocado operation globally to achieve an ISO9000 Universal Quality accreditation. 


Our experienced and passionate staff are custodians of all fruit that passes through our value chain. Extra care ensures you get high-quality fresh produce when you buy avocados from Halls.


Although a natural process, at Halls, we manage the ripening of our avocados to perfection. 


  • When transported, fruit ships at low temperatures to hold it in a "sleeping state".

  • When delivered, avocado fruit is "woken-up" to its required stage of ripeness, depending on our customer needs. 


With ripening, packing and storage facilities in South Africa, France, the Netherlands, Spain and China, we select fruit from our carefully managed orchards and deliver them to our customers' doors. 


Learn more about our RIPE range here.




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Halls supplies our customers with packaging that meets their needs. 


Current formats include:


  • 4kg cartons

  • 10.5kg cartons

  • Punnets in either 1, 2, 3 or 4 avocados per punnet

  • Heat-sealed punnets of 1 or 2 avocados per punnet

  • Nets


Contact a Halls sales rep for more information on our packaging.


The avocado varietals that Halls grows and sources for our retail programmes:







Hass trees produce fruit year-round and have medium-sized, ovate fruit with a black, pebbled skin when ripe. The flesh has a nutty, rich flavour.


This cultivar has large, round, green fruit with a smooth texture and dark, thick, glossy skin. Smooth and delicate, the flesh has a slightly nutty flavour. The skin ripens green.

Fuerte is pear in shape, often with an elongated neck. It has a leathery, easy-to-peel skin which ripens green. The flesh is creamy with a mild flavour.


This fruit is medium-large sized and egg-shaped. The skin is green when ripe with a relatively smooth texture compared to that of other varieties.

This fruit is pear in shape, olive-green in colour with a slightly rough skin. The fruit has a relatively small seed and the flesh has a nutty, rich flavour.


Often maturing later in the season, this cultivar has a relatively small seed and skin that turns black when ripe. Its flesh has a creamy, nutty flavour.

The Pinkerton variety has a small seed and its green skin deepens in colour as it ripens. The flesh has a smooth, creamy texture with good flavour.


The fruit is pear in shape and has a lighter green coloured skin than the other varieties. It is delicate to handle and prone to diseases upon ripening.

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