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halls duroi nursery

In 2017, Halls established the first nursery base in a joint venture with South Africa's Du Roi Company. The world-class avocado nursery supplies Halls and its grower partners with quality saplings.

halls farm

Halls is a grower and has six farms in South Africa in the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Conscious farming practices impact the quality of our products in all the right ways.

halls employee

We carefully select our global grower partners. Our grower partners have similar values to us and practice sustainable farming methods.

halls conscious quality assurance

Communication, coordination and commitment - we track and manage all our products. 100% traceable. 365 days a year. Only the best.

halls packaging

We receive, grade, pack and refrigerate fruits from Halls farms and grower partners. Halls has two packaging warehouses in Nelspruit and Tzaneen, South Africa.

halls ripe range packaging

Halls was the first company to introduce avocado ripening technology. Our ripening centres are in South Africa, the Netherlands, Spain and China.

halls logistics

Halls guarantees a simple and effective route for all products from packaging to destination. Including automobile transportation, airfreight and shipment.

halls sales and marketing

Halls sells more than 7,500,000 boxes of avocados to 30 countries and regions each year. We have six sales offices in South Africa, the Netherlands, Spain and France.

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