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Our soul is in the soil. 

halls farms

Nurturing and caring for natural resources has been at the heart of our agricultural efforts for over 130 years. 


Halls has adapted as farming practices have progressed, staying at the forefront of innovation. 


Although we have evolved into a vertically integrated fresh produce business, Halls remains a sub-tropical farming business at heart. 


As caretakers of the land, we work year on year to remain in harmony with nature.


At Halls, we cultivate our crops according to the principles of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).

Some of the practices we use are:


  • We match crop types and growers to ensure optimal production and responsible resource use. 


  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is central to our farming philosophy. We only use registered chemicals when needed. 

  • Identify natural fauna and flora to combat the scourge of modern-day farming. 

  • Manage nutrition and irrigation of plants to deliver the highest quality fresh produce. 


Halls has a dedicated technical department, advising our farms and external grower partners. 


With over 125 years of experience, we provide guidance and support across our value chain - ensuring quality fresh produce from the soil to the shelf.

halls best practices avocado testing
AVO halls best practices avocado testing.jpeg
halls best practices avocado testing
halls avocados
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