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Join the avocado revolution and never waste an avocado again !

Halls have extended the range of avocado solutions to deliver avocados which are fresh, ready to eat, perfectly ripe and offer a shelf life of one month.

Our packaging hides nothing, ensuring 100% product utilization and zero waste.

What you see is exactly what you get!

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  • 100% fresh

  • Ready to use

  • 1-month shelf life

  • No preservatives

  • No acidifiers

  • No additives

  • Responsibly sourced

  • No airfreight

  • No freezing

Halls are committed to delivering quality avocados that are 100% fresh and ready to eat every time.  But we want to do this AND act on reducing the global food waste problem.  


With some reports suggesting up to 30% of avocados may be  discarded due to issues such as being too ripe, under ripe, or having internal imperfections it is a material issue which we take extremeley seriously.

The Naked Avocado offers a range of solutions which directly address the problem.   Responsibly sourced avocado is packed without the use of preservatives, acidifiers, and additives and thanks to High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, all packs boast an impressive 30-day shelf life under refrigeration. 


With a variety of  packaging  formats to suit every culinary need the Naked Avocado offers quality, convenence and a responsible option so nutritious, creamy avocados can be enjoyed every time!

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3 Avocado Halves: 

Cubes 170g & 300g:

Guacamole Mild or Spicy:

The Naked Avocado_Halves_NEW PACK.jpg

Perfectly portioned for quick and healthy snacking, our 3 Halves package provides convenience without compromise.

Avocado cubes are  ready-to-use in salads, poke bowls, smoothies or cut or smashed for use in cakes, breakfast -

so versatile for a

myriad of culinary uses.

Guacamole Doux 170g_edited.png
Spicy Guacamole_edited_edited.png

Mild or spicy these mixes are Ideal for individual consumers and foodservice professionals. Our 1 Kilo options ensure a steady supply of fresh, prepped avocados

Let's talk sustainability
Although avocado has its own natural protective packaging it can hide some surprises.   In using clear plastic, we reveal the avocado in its pure glory.   Whilst plastic is not ideal, food waste poses a more significant threat to the environment so we use plastics with a minimum of 50% recycled content.    We continously work towards more sustainable options whereever we can. 


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